A vast majority of Indians are hiring private investigator to check up on a prospective bride/groom’s character, sexual history and finances before the actual marriage. If you think you have got the right alliance, you don’t just go ahead and fix the date, you first contact a wedding investigator and run a thorough check about his/her background. And these wedding investigators are pretty effective too.


DAVID MARK: It’s often said that a good marriage is based on trust, but in India sometimes that isn’t quite enough.

The private detective industry is booming in India, as more and more couples and families hire spies to look into a prospective spouse’s past.

As Stephanie March reports from New Delhi, sometimes the results can surprise even the most seasoned detective.

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STEPHANIE MARCH: There are more than 10,000 private detective agencies operating in India and there is no shortage of work.

Companies pay big bucks for background checks into employees, and politicians pay for investigators to dig up information about their political rivals.

But most Indian detectives make their money from couples.

Kunwar Vikram Singh is the president of the Private Detectives Association of India.

KUNWAR VIKRAM SINGH: The traits and habits are also very important not of the boy and girl but also of their families, because when a girl in India gets married he goes to the family. She has to deal with his mother-in-law or sister-in-law, and everybody that use, 10-20 people in the family.

Then the financial status is very important and then the social status of the family is given highest importance. So these are the areas we cover in a matrimonial investigations.

STEPHANIE MARCH: And without giving away your trade secrets, how do you go about gathering that kind of information. As you said, it is quite difficult to find out very personal information about people?

KUNWAR VIKRAM SINGH: We have developed a wonderful models how to gain information from the neighbours. They tell you, this family they are the fighter of cocks or they are not very social or they fight for small little things like parking space and all that.

In India people are, they know each other very well. But it depends how you gain info or how you penetrate into the closer circle of the families, get information from the maid servants, from..  Click here to read the rest of the article.

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13 Responses to India’s becoming a big client of a booming detective industry

  1. Marriage is big, serious business in India, so it doesn’t surprise me that it would provide rich opportunities for PIs. David Mark pointed out, “it’s often said that a good marriage is based on trust.” I would add to that, any relationship – especially marriage – is based on TRUST-WORTHINESS. All feelings must be translated into actions; if a person says you can trust them, there will be evidence of whether or not that is so.

  2. Shari says:

    Your articles often leave me shaking my head! Marriage just isn’t what it used to be. . I agree with Barbara that all relationships (personal, professional, etc) must be based on trust-worthiness.

  3. Kungphoo says:

    Wow! That is unbelievable! If you are going into a relationship without trust right off the bat, then what is left for the future? I don’t believe in that at all. As far as i’m concerned everyone is innocent until proven guilty haha, but I surely wouldn’t hire someone to look for negatives. People also change as they get older so it’s not fair to look into someones past because everyone has one. It’s not something that should define them as a person. At least those are my opinions… 🙂

  4. Jason says:

    I would be extremely uncomfortable if I felt the need to hire a PI before I got married. No matter what your results, you’ve started with a little mistrust. As a father thou, I will be calling you when my daughter gets married!

  5. Meli says:

    Hope it works both ways… for the bride as well as the groom! I know when I have a prospective mate, I’m going to do some checking… maybe not a PI though!

  6. Jo Casey says:

    This is so sad! But I guess marriage is more than just between two people – the families are involved and that ups the ante for some.

  7. Tom Holmberg says:

    This info does not surprise me all that much, marriage in India is a very serious business.

  8. This was very interesting! I had never heard of wedding detectives;)

  9. Yvonne Brown says:

    This is pretty interesting and serious. I fear for the person that has something minor in their past that can be blown up in proportion.

  10. What ever happened to falling in love and trusting your partner?

  11. Lisa Hodges says:

    Wow! I would have never thought in India this would be needed. Very interesting.

  12. Jeff Brand says:

    I agree with Yvonne of the things that might be discovered and become more of an issue. Interesting post you did here!

  13. Oh! that’s weird. the key to successful relationship is love and trust.

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