Security Risks on Spring Break Travel

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The US State department is advising every year on students to be careful when visiting Spring Break vacationing in popular destinations such as Florida, California and Mexico. Over 300,000 American teenagers and students travel to resort destination throughout this popular destinations over Spring Break each year. Whether traveling to Mexico on land, air, or sea, you are crossing a foreign country and are subject to the regulation and laws of Mexico. Below is an article of Inquisitr on Security Risks and Travel Tips when going on popular Spring Break destinations. _____________________________________________________________________________________________

Ah, Spring Break, that joyous care free time of leisure and outdoor recreation! Whether it’s sun, sand and surf; lakes, mountains and meadows; or even pool, yard and Slip ‘N Slide, Spring Break forms the gateway to the Summer, and good times to come.

With no guarantee of warmth, sunshine or swim suit conditions where you reside, travel and picking a Spring Break destination may be required. In fact, with much of the United States still snowed in, Spring Break means heading for the coast, and for many that kind of Spring Break can’t come soon enough.

Taking a look around the web you’ll find all kinds of tips and suggestions for Spring Break Travel and how to make your Spring Break one to remember. But to help you out, here are some choice bits of info. that will have you drinking in the sweet joys of Spring quicker than… well, hopefully by at least mid to late April.

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23 Responses to Security Risks on Spring Break Travel

  1. Lily Leung says:

    I could use another break. Spring is slow up in Canada!

  2. The West Coast is full of great Spring Break destinations and the weather is perfect!

  3. You bring up an important point, with 3 college students myself Spring break becomes an issue. An issue for many parents. Safety needs to be discussed. Thanks for sharing this article.

  4. Roch says:

    I wonder if it’s just safer to stay at home and watch movies online or series downloaded with your family rather than go elsewhere for the vacation.

  5. Parents must be aware for their children security when planning for a vacation or going outdoors.

  6. Thanks for posting this. I don’t personally take a spring break, but I know a few who do. I will pass this information on to them for their safety. Take care and stay safe.

  7. CouponDIva says:

    if i had kids, i would NOT let them go or send them on spring break – sends a bad message otherwise…sorry… 🙁

  8. Every time you do travel you must consider foreign policies. The most effective way to do it is to study advance the country’s policy before visiting to avoid any conflict.

  9. laarnie says:

    we love to travel so these article is very helpful thanks for sharing..

  10. Sophie Bowns says:

    I need a holiday….SO badly!

  11. This would be a nightmare for me to think about when my daughter is college age. I don’t like being in huge public spaces so I don’t worry about myself as much. At the same time, I am taking Taekwondo with my family to make sure we can defend ourselves. Thank you for bringing this issue to my awareness!

  12. I miss being young enough to consider Spring Break!

  13. Thanks for the reminder.

  14. Hey Richard

    Hailing from India, we were never exposed to ‘Spring Breaks’ because our climate was ‘tropical’ year-round! LOL Also, Indian parents are quite wary about allowing their children to vacation with their friends at remote destinations! 😉

    BUT I have always been INTRIGUED about this concept of a ‘Spring Break’. I think it’s fun to spend some time with your friends, but – blame my conservative upbringing – I would definitely be VERY concerned with SAFETY.

    i applaud you for highlighting this important issue, which – I am sure – speaks to every American parent!

    Thanks a lot #HUGSSS

  15. You read about terrible things happening to young tourists all the time. It’s so important to take safety precautions.

  16. I totally agree that there are spring break security risks. Think Natalie Holloway..

  17. Worth looking at a second time. When do the most abductions happen during the course of a year-during spring break, holidays or random?

  18. Patty | MrsC says:

    I’ve read a lot of horror stories about students and tourists meeting unfortunate accidents or being robbed during spring break. While it’s a time to celebrate and be merry, you really shouldn’t throw caution to the wind. Best to be aware of what’s going on around you, for your own safety.

  19. Franc Ramon says:

    It’s safer to have secured locations for spring break as some crimes happen in this season.

  20. Irish says:

    That’s a good reminder for those who’re planning for a Spring break

  21. katherine says:

    Thank you for the reminder!

  22. I think people should consider travelling to nearby destinations during Spring Break to minimize security risks.

  23. Prince says:

    Thanks for this tip! It may not be directly helpful to me (because we don’t have spring in PH), but some of the tips are nice to know too for general use. 🙂

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