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Employment law covers all rights and commitment within the employer-employee relationship whether current employees, job applicants, or former employees. Employers have both authorized legal and moral obligation to handle background checks before hiring you on as an employee. Employee background checks can be negative information from your past, A recent article on  Los Angeles Times shows us the “Your rights when an employer demands a background check” below..


What background information can an employer require of an application? columnist David Lazarus answers your consumer questions in this one-minute video…

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To read this article in its entirety visit Los Angeles Times


Article Source: Los Angeles Times                     


19 Responses to Whats your rights when an employer ask for background checks?

  1. Laurel Bill says:

    The reporter is absolutely right – If you want to land a great job, it may be worth it to not make a big deal out of a routine background check.

  2. Shari Yantes says:

    This is very interesting. Employers just want to know their employees are safe and reliable.

  3. Scott says:

    Of course this varies from state-to-state, California is pretty lenient when it comes to checks.

  4. Kungphoo says:

    Wow that is very interesting! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Emily says:

    This is interesting. I believe background checks are an important tool to use to find the best fit for your company and that most states require the potential employer to get permission before doing the background check, but I learned some things from this.

  6. I would be worried working for an organization who does not have some kind of background check for prospective employees. Routine checks are painless. If you are handling money is where you get into more in-depth requirements; depending on amounts and your role in the organization. While past behavior isn’t always indicative of future behavior, it sure helps to know what you are getting!

  7. Very interesting, I require a background check from teachers who work in my tutoring service, since it’s a State requirement. Nobody ever complained about it.

  8. Jenny Lam says:

    I think companies should do a background check. You never know what kind of person you’re working with that may have a drug or criminal record, like theft, rape or murder. Routine checks are easy peasy too.

  9. Tom says:

    I used to work in Human Resources and we had a saying that applicants that fight background checks are likely going to be bad employees

  10. Interesting information about background checks! I agree with Tom…if people do not want background checks, they are most likely hiding something.

  11. Yvonne Brown says:

    I am for background checks—especially when working with kids—always! It’s a must!

  12. A background check ensures everybody’s safety. It’s vital to know what employees have been up to in their past, which may be repeated. The same thing applies here in England.

  13. Jim Striegel says:

    I do like the idea, but it does border on too much personal information.

  14. Veronica says:

    Any company will ask for one so it’s in your best interest to agree to one if you want the job

  15. Sophie Bowns says:

    Background checks are so important. I had to have a CRB check before starting my care job!

  16. Dov Shapira says:

    Wow, who knew.
    Great info, thank you for sharing it.

  17. Hristiqn Nikolov says:

    Great thing to know. Ordinary people don’t know their rights and sometime we get mistreated. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Sherrie W. says:

    I’ve never had an employer do a check on my credit history, although I hear that is more common for accountants and others looking to work in the finance sector.

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