Statistics state that about 85% of businesses implement some type of background check on employees before hiring them.  Companies are looking for a trustworthy employee who will work honestly and be a safe person to have around.  One reason why company uses background checks among applicants is information verification.  There are many types of background checks including credit criminal history search, employment and education, social security traces, drug and alcohol screenings, and much more. Below is the article of Everyday Interview Tips on Why Do Companies Do Background Checks.


More and more companies are turning to background checks in order to find out more about the applicant. This entirely legal research is designed to give the employer an idea about whether or not you are who you say you are. You are who you say you are, aren’t you?

Something like 400% of applicants lie on their resume. That’s a pretty incredible fake number. As more and more companies start to use background checks, the importance of being honest on your resume increases greatly.

Why Background Checks?

Employers do background checks for the following reasons:

  • Identity Check – there are a variety of reasons that employers want to make sure you are you, but for immigration reasons, stolen identities, etc., there is an even greater risk for the employer if they hire someone that is not who they say they are.
  • Criminal History – If you have one of these, that’s bad.


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Article Source:  Everyday Interview Tips        


6 Responses to Why company uses background check investigations before hiring

  1. Nice blog, very informative. Back ground checks are vital to a companies well being. They have so much to risk on an employee. It could cost the company a lot of money if they were not who they said they were, and it could hurt the companies reputation as well.

  2. Lisa Mallis says:

    Ha Ha – I love . . .400% of applicants lie on their resume! That makes me giggle – but it certainly gets your point across about the need for background checks!!!!!

  3. I have already commented on this post but I am here from FB from today thread. I really thinks that there is nothing wrong to do these checks its better for security.

  4. I think that its a good idea to do these checks after all if o person is clean and genuine they should not have anything to hide in the 1st place. We all have aright to work with good , safe people.

  5. Nick says:

    Good blog. You explained things I always suspected.

  6. Sophie Bowns says:

    I’m sure that I might have already commented on this!

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