Over the years, SPECIALIZED INVESTIGATIONS has received many testimonials from satisfied clients.
The following is a partial list of written testimonials received from our clients:

I wanted to let you know that you did a wonderful job in providing us a report of a criminal background search on a plaintiff in three separate counties across California. What was unique about this report was that another investigator was unable to retrieve the same information. The information you obtained will strengthen our position greatly in a case where the credibility of the witnesses, including the plaintiff, is very important.

Please feel free to forward my email to your supervisors. Great work like this is why we utilize Specialized Investigations’ services repeatedly and continue to recommend your services to our clients.

 Best regards,

 Shirley S.


I could not let another moment pass without letting you know how please I am with the above report. Henry did an outstanding job and the bill is well within our guidelines. I will forward a copy to Lin and tell her that Specialized Investigations is the company we need to conduct our field work.

Thanks again.

Gwen D.

Thank you for the update… your investigator did an excellent job maintaining communication with me throughout the investigation.

I will be seeing Richard Monday and I will discuss the Thursday investigation at that time.

Don M.

I just wanted to drop a line in regards to one of your investigators, Susan Swanson. I recently had the pleasure of working with Ms. Swanson on Alameda County Superior Court Case, P. v. Savoy. # 10FAU0070. I conducted an extensive investigation into the fraudulent activity involving Savoy. He defrauded Republic Western Insurance of several thousands of dollars while posing under the alias of a gentleman from another county. In addition, after serving a search warrant on his residence, I discovered he was involved in an extensive identity theft ring. Much of this case was made possible by the efforts of Ms. Swanson, prior to the launch of my investigation. Ms. Swanson interviewed one of the four co-defendants in this case, Lakenya Davis, and was able to tie Davis into a lie that later sunk her. This case has so far resulted in the arrest and conviction of three subjects. Melvin Savoy was convicted on multiple felonies and received three and a half years in prison. Lakenya Davis was convicted of a felony and received 5 years formal probation and CTS. Sparkle Wade received a felony conviction and five years felony probation as well as CTS. Savoy’s wife, who is charged in this case on a multi-count felony warrant for $450,000 dollars, has since fled to Texas. It was a pleasure working with Ms. Swanson. Thank you for your time.

J.P. Williams, Inspector II ACDA’s Office

That is outstanding. Please mail the bills to me. I would like to keep them as part of the record incase anything ever pops up and becomes an issue.I really appreciate all of the information you have provided and help you have given. I look forward to ourfuture cases together!

Robert M.

At the risk of celebrating too soon, I want to share the attached with you guys. For now, the video surveillance work knocked the exposure down from a Permanent Total to 48% whole person impairment. That is HUGE $

Thank you…

Henry G.

Thank You so much for a great recap. Things went just as I expected them to…

I look forward to reading your report. I love your approach and look forward to working with you again!

Marlene A.

Thanks so much. You guys are absolutely AMAZING. I have forwarded the invoice to our Accounting Department for payment.

Have a great weekend.

Marge G.

I listened to the recording of the insured and found it to be very thorough. The investigator covered all necessary aspects which is very helpful. I don’t see anything further we would need to contact our insured for directly that was not addressed in the statement.

Thank you very much  

Karen M.  

I viewed the video. Great job! The i/v was so close to them in different locations that I am amazed he wasn’t made. Did he change disguises? I question her complaints in that she walked so fast around Walmart that the i/v could barely keep up.Thanks again,

Richard S.

The case resolved yesterday in mediation. The final push used by the  mediator to get it done was the video surveillance that we had. He walked in to the mediation looking like a cripple, so it really helped to have what you got. Thanks a bunch.

Patrick J. Stark – Ford, Walker, Haggerty & Behart

This is to report that the Los Angeles Police Department, Commercial Crimes Division, Auto Fraud Unit working in tandem with Investigator/Supervisor Jennie Samuel employed by “Specialized Investigation” did receive a positive felony filing from the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office (LADAO) regarding this assigned investigation. A total of five suspects were identified and subsequently the assigned Commercial Crime Division, Auto Fraud detective received and served five separate felony arrest warrants upon the named suspects. The product and success of this investigation was recognized as a team effort. The Los Angeles Police Department thanks Investigator Samuels as well as other private investigators that displayed a professional attitude couple with an intuition upon gathering evidence that ultimately collared the suspects sought in this crime of insurance fraud. The case has been carried over to March 2011. We will have our day in court or the suspects might plea-out to avoid a lengthy sentence by jury. I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for your help upon putting this case together.

Detective III Ronald V.

Looks like your usual “OUTSTANDING” investigation… I don’t need any photos. You already proved our case. Send me your final report. Again Great Job!

John D.

The work you have done on these files has ben outstanding. In my 13 year insurance career, I have only met a handful of what I would call qualified investigators because my standards are so high. You are in that small group.

Thanks again and take care.

Donald B.

Defense verdict issued by the commissioner. The court ruled in favor of Hertz. Nothing is owed to the plaintiff for the PD or BI claims. Express my thanks to Henry for a job well done!!

Jon M.

Thank you very much for your professionalism & promptness.People like you always make my day.

Josephine O.

Great work- I’m working with NICB to see if we can get this case dropped by the atty.

Greg F.

Great job…film of him actually performing things outside his supposed work restrictions.

Dana Q., Workers’ Compensation Senior Claims Specialist

Excellent work. Thanks for following the direction. It looks like there is definitely some collusion going on and it appears more obvioius that this was a staged accident with a false identity.

Please keep me in the loop on this one.

Nolan W.

Yes, and thank you Richard. Thanks a million for all your help. I envision that we may need more help as this goes forward. You were a great help and a real gentleman.


Martha K.

Greg and Chris did a great job. Just briefed the client in London and gave him the verbal data from Greg and he was extremely satisfied as am I.   

I was very pleased with your company and will definitely be sending other California assignments your way.   

Michelle M.

Thanks for the update. This is exactly how I like to work. As discussed, these are first party claims and so when you take the time to give me short-sweet-and-to-the-point e-mail updates, it makes my job a lot easier.

Dave E.

This is good stuff, is there any chance we con obtain some additional footage on the daughter?

Jack D.

Thought you’d like to know he withdrew his claim today… His EUO was set for tomorrow, he’d postponed once already.

Thank you for all your help.

Kevin S.

I just want to thank your Investigators for taking the pictures of the posters and still filling out the On-Site form even though Zenith is not their carrier any more.

One day it may be brought up and SI will be responsible for saving some other carrier some money. That will still make an impact to our insured that Zenith partners up with Vendors that know how to think outside the box.

Eric D.

Great work!

Roy R.

A great investigation with an excellent report.

Donald B.

Many thanks for the prompt and successful search that you and your office conducted for us. If you would like us to provide a reference/testimonial as a previous European client then please let me know, as we would be more than happy to oblige.

Regards, Rod & Holly S-D.

I received a call from Jack this afternoon. He says the WCAB ruled in our favor. Mr. Ramirez got a “Take Nothing.” The judge was not persuaded by Mr. Ramirez’ testimony. This is a big deal. You do not win much of the time in workers’ compensation. Wanted to thank you for your help and congratulate you on a job well done.

Best regards,

Lyle J.

I wanted to take a moment and acknowledge an exceptional investigation performed by your Investigator Murray. This case had an exposure in the area of $500,000.00; however based on the investigation, case was settled for merely $75,000.00 last week. This is just one example of Investigator’s commitment to exceptional investigations and no doubt a valued investigator with Specialized Investigations.

Thank you,

Rudy R.

You guys are #1 in my book.

John D., Attorney

Good Morning,

I am pleased to report that the jury returned a verdict for the defense. The jury did not find any negligence on behalf of the insured defendant and they found the plaintiff to be inconsistent in his version of the incident. In addition, the video surveillance was very helpful and it destroyed the plaintiff’s credibility.

Edward W., Attorney


Tina A., Attorney

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