Offers an annual Complimentary Training Presentation to our clients. This training can be conducted on-site or at another venue, if desired. Additional training presentations are available at a fee for clients and non-clients. Please review below and refer to the attached “Training Presentation Request Form” to select the desired training presentation or call to discuss your training needs (MCLE credits for CA attorneys).

Specialized Investigations Provides Complimentary Training

TRIAL AND CIVIL CASE INVESTIGATION: The Difference Between Winning and Losing: This training will cover the various investigative techniques and strategies that will assist in maximizing the outcome of your case. The training will include public record sources, confidential sources, conducting surveillance (if warranted), and tracking down key witnesses/sources. There will be a discussion about the investigative strategies of the opposing side, how to combat uncooperative parties/witnesses, and investigative strategies at different stages of the case.

SOCIAL NETWORKING RESEARCH & INVESTIGATIONS: The Legal, Ethical and Evidentiary Issues: Social networking sites have become an exceptional tool when conducting research on individuals involved in civil litigation, criminal activity, and family law matters. This rapidly evolving industry has also raised many issues about the legal, ethical, and evidentiary efficacy of the information obtained. This presentation will explore current issues related to past and current laws, ethics, and evolving trends that will make this a hot topic for years to come.

ASSET & FINANCIAL INVESTIGATIONS: Find me the Money: This presentation will identify the resources available in conducting asset investigations, the legal vs. illegal sources, and hidden methods of obtaining the information. This training will include the value of information obtained and the various reasons to conduct an asset or financial background check.

BACKGROUND CHECKS: Digging up Dirt: This presentation will identify the various public and private sources of information available, and how to utilize the information more effectively. The training will include several case scenarios and the best approach to take for the most optimal results. The presentation will include a discussion about the reliability of information obtained, and the most cost effective methods of obtaining the information.

INVESTIGATING SUSPECT MEDICAL CLINICS: Anatomy of a Medical Mill: This presentation will provide training on identifying medical “mills”, fraudulent treatment and billing methods, code violations, indicators of over-utilization and treatment abuse. The training will focus on how to spot questionable medical treatment, billing, and providers.

USING THE INTERNET TO CONDUCT INVESTIGATIONS: For Your (Free) Information: This presentation will identify the vast amount of investigative resources on the internet, including public records, social networking sites, research data, and litigation support resources. This training will include online demonstrations of how to navigate various sites, the best sources of information, and how to best utilize the information developed.

SURVEILLANCE: Pros and Cons: This presentation will identify the best practices in conducting surveillance, laws surrounding legal surveillance, tips on when to conduct surveillance, surveillance vs. activity checks, and include actual surveillance clips with discussion on value of film obtained.

ETHICAL AND LEGAL ISSUES SURROUNDING INVESTIGATIONS: If it’s Too Secretive, it’s Probably Too Illegal: This presentation will cover the various sources of information and their legality. The presentation will also cover the ethical issues surrounding certain investigative techniques and tactics. It will include “red flags” regarding an investigator’s sources of information, how the information is obtained, and whether it can be used in court.

DUE DILIGENCE INVESTIGATIONS: Covering Your Clients Ass-ets: This presentation will cover the merits of conducting due diligence investigations, the most useful information, and costs of obtaining it. It will include due diligence financial background checks, past history/reputation, and analyzing the findings. It will include a case study of a due diligence investigation. Submit a “due diligence” case and get a free limited investigation as part of the training.

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